The 推荐十大靠谱彩票平台 安全保卫部 exists to provide leadership in the 推荐十大靠谱彩票平台 community efforts for a safe and secure environment in which all community members can live, 学习, 和工作.

本署采取社区服务的方式, developing and instituting methods and approaches which enhance the protection of people and property, 促进预防犯罪, 支持大学政策的实施. A truly safer campus can be achieved only through the combined efforts of students, 教师, 和工作人员. By coordinating the efforts of the College community in cooperation with local law enforcement agencies the 安全保卫部 can achieve its commitment to a safer environment.

因为在正规靠谱的彩票app,安全是最重要的, we have installed Blue Light call boxes at strategic locations throughout campus. These call boxes are independent structures that allow the 推荐十大靠谱彩票平台 community to have direct access to campus security with one touch of a button. 一旦按下按钮, an emergency blue light becomes active and emergency responder communication is activated. 另外, a video camera is installed at the top of the blue light tower to surveil exterior locations on campus.


The 安全保卫部 is located on the first floor of Cummins Community Center. The Department is open and provides protection and services, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 海关由全职及兼职人员组成. All of the officers are trained in general security practices, standard first aid, and CPR. 警察没有权力进行逮捕. 因此, the Department cooperates with 和工作s closely with the Bethany Police Department and the Brooke County Sheriff’s Department, 协调任何必要的警方行动或校园逮捕行动. All of the officers are radio equipped for an efficient response to community needs. 警局有指定的巡逻车.


The 安全保卫部 is responsible for security and emergency response at 推荐十大靠谱彩票平台. It is also responsible for providing support services tailored to the specific needs of the Bethany Community. 以下是其中一些服务:

  • 为学生工提供从黄昏到黎明的护送服务
  • Assisting campus motorists who have vehicle lockouts or are in need of jump-starts
  • 处理所有校园突发事件
  • 为学生、教职员工发放停车许可证
  • 分发预防犯罪材料和信息
  • 提供失物招领服务
  • 协调各项防火监测和测试工作, 入室盗窃, 还有校园里的恐慌警报系统和设备, (与学院物理设备人员合作)
  • Operating the College switchboard and campus information booth after normal business hours
  • 对建筑物及场地进行火灾检查, 安全, and security hazards (in conjunction with College Physical Plant and Office of Campus Life personnel)


To report a crime or emergency or to request service students must call the 安全保卫部 at 7744 (on campus) or 304.830.3924(校外). 如果因为某种原因不能联系到局里, 9-911 can be called to reach the Brooke County Sheriff’s Department dispatch center. (9-911号码仅用于紧急情况).


校园安全和安保人员配备了随身摄像机. 这些摄像头将在警察执勤时佩戴. 在与安全及保安人员的任何互动中, members of the community should assume the conversation and interaction is being recorded. 这些措施为校园提供了更好的安全保障.


性侵犯, 包括强奸, are serious crimes of violence in which the assailant through threats or physical force involves, 或者试图将, 非自愿性行为的受害者. All members of the campus community should be aware that sexual assaults are prohibited by state laws and College Policy and are viewed by 推荐十大靠谱彩票平台 as a serious matter. 性侵受害者应立即联系住院医师助理, 大学辅导员, 学生生活员工, 或校园安全部门寻求医疗援助. A victim should also attempt to preserve any potential evidence where the assault took place.

The Department of Campus Safety and Security considers all reports of sexual assault to be confidential and investigates them fully. Victims of sexual assault are encouraged to notify the local police and can be assisted to do so by campus officials. Victims are notified of any on-campus and local counseling and mental health services, and are given the opportunity to change living arrangements if reasonable alternatives are available. Additional information on due process and college procedures relevant to sexual assault is located in the 学生手册. A copy of the college sexual assault policy is available in the 学生 Services Office and the Campus Saftey and Security Office.



伯大尼学院遵守联邦法规, 州和地方法律规定的财产, 使用, 以及销售酒精饮料和受管制物品. The college also complies with all regulation of the Drug Free Work Place Act of 1988 and the Drug Free Schools and Communities Act of 1998. 以下活动, 在伯大尼学院酒精政策中有详细说明, 禁止在学院场所或学院赞助的活动中:

  • Distributing, possessing, or using any illegal drug or controlled substance
  • Providing alcoholic beverages to individuals under 21 years of age or possessing alcoholic beverages by individuals under 21 years of age
  • 非法持有装有酒精饮料的开口容器, 公共中毒, 醉酒驾驶, 或受非法药物或管制物质影响, 在无证公共场所饮用酒精饮料

Details about offenses and sanctions for students committing them (including probation, 悬架, and dismissal from the College) appear in the 推荐十大靠谱彩票平台 学生手册.



查看我们的2022年每日犯罪日志. The 2021 Crime Log is available for review upon request at the Public Safety Office.


该学院为大约800名学生提供校内住宿. 进入居民区受到限制. Residence Hall Policy requires that exterior doors be locked evening and weekends in all buildings and at all times, 除了夜校, 活动, 或由教职员工或管理人员授权的活动. 所有居民都有钥匙或钥匙卡供个人出入. 住客必须陪同所有客人进入宿舍. More information on residence options, roommates, and policies and procedures is described in the 学生手册 学生服务办公室提供哪些服务.

西维吉尼亚州 性犯罪者登记法


由于COVID-19大流行, the NCAA has established a phone number and email to allow college athletes, 父母, 或者其他人报告潜在的回归体育的担忧. 协会将通知学校和会议管理人员, 谁来审查和解决问题.

有关人士可免费致电833-661- 2819或电邮查询 with the name of the NCAA member institution, sport and brief summary of the concern.

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